Optimal Fetal Positioning

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Simply, it’s getting your baby into the best position for birth…head down facing towards your back (anterior position).

Why is important? 
Research shows that you:
• are more likely to have a quicker and more straightforward labour and birth
• may require less pain relief
• are less likely to have an emergency Caesarean section

How can do you it? 
• Walking every day
• Sitting with your knees below your hips (a birthing ball will aid you with this)
• Stretching
• Swimming
• Resting and sleeping smart (basically resting in the recovery position)

This is something I feel really strongly about and I have seen make a huge difference and I would start as early as the 2nd trimester. is an amazing resource and has loads of tips and tricks to help get your baby in the right position (even breech babies).

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