What is Hypnobirthing?

Simply, hypnobirthing is preparing your mind for birth. Very few people would decide to run a marathon without any physical or mental preparation, and I equate labour similarly to running a marathon. Hypnobirthing is your mental preparation for labour. During my course, you will learn different techniques in pregnancy through visualisations, anchors, positive affirmations and breathing to help you reduce any fears and anxieties. Through regular practise, you can actually replace negative thoughts you have with positive ones. This will have a huge impact on your mindset and body during labour and birth. Research shows that hypnobirthing can reduce length of labour, need for further pain relief, need for interventions, and reduce the incidence of postnatal depression, to name a few. 

The wonderful thing is that hypnobirthing is for everyone and every birth. Every woman would benefit from being better informed about their body and their options and having a practical toolkit to use in labour and birth.

Why is it important to prepare for birth?

  • To learn about the choices you have in pregnancy and birth 
  • To give you the knowledge and tools to empower you and your birth partner to navigate birth
  • To learn about how your body works and the changes that happen in pregnancy and birth 
  • To remain calm and in control whatever turn your birth takes

My courses are so much more than hypnobirthing, it’s the full pregnancy and birth education package! That’s why I call it, Birthing Mindfully! 

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Here's a short video about how my interest in hypnobirthing started.

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