I have always been intrigued by pregnancy, labour and childbirth. I find it fascinating what our bodies are capable of and the changes that occur during our lifecycle that enable us to give birth! Even now, at nearly 40 weeks pregnant, I sometimes can’t get my head around this.

When I became pregnant, it was clear that I wanted to try to go about my pregnancy in the most positive way possible (even though I am aware that there are so many things that we simply cannot control!). 

When it came to deciding my birth preferences, I didn’t hesitate in choosing a home birth as plan A. In an attempt to prepare ourselves mentally and have the best possible experience, this is where I started researching and my partner and I started our prep journey with Laura and The Little Birth Company hypnobirthing course.

When you google hypnobirthing you can read numerous amazing benefits from shortened labour, lesser need for interventions, less trauma and postnatal depression and the overall feeling of being in control of your own experience. If you have the means, why would you not try this? Would you run a marathon without training? Probably not, right? So, why would you not try and put as much effort and prep into something that will change your life forever my partner and I thought!

We had 4 sessions of 2 hours each 1-1 with Laura in which we delved into all the detailed information on all things pregnancy and labour. From the science behind hypnobirthing and understanding the physiological changes and the different hormones, to guided scripts that can help you relax at each stage of labour and practical tips to get you in a mentally positive state to face whatever is thrown at you. Laura has been a midwife for 12 years and her passion and knowledge on all things pregnancy, labour and beyond is truly invaluable and reassuring.

I think what most people don’t realise is that hypnobirthing has very little to do with hypnosis as such. Instead, the techniques we learnt borrow from strong principles of meditation to bring you a strong sense of calm, so our bodies can fully relax when going into labour. I believe the techniques we have learnt with Laura will help us not only through labour itself but through parenthood and through life to be honest!

Having done the course, both my partner and I feel like we have gained confidence in facing what’s to come. Learning some of the breathing and visualisation techniques will remind me how to keep my mind calm and focused and somehow in control of my experience. Whatever happens during our labour and whether we need plan B or plan C and our homebirth isn’t possible for whatever reason, we have gained valuable skills to help cope and find calmness even in the most clinical and stressful environments.

Learning these techniques together with my birth partner was also extremely helpful and something I would definitively recommend. Laura was amazing at explaining what role my partner would have to make this a better experience for both of us. She was encouraging and reassuring which in turn gave him so much confidence in our choices and made him understand the whole process. I can only imagine how hard it must be for partners to find ways to be helpful during labour and I found that hypnobirthing really gave him a sense of purpose for the big day as well as this time leading up to it!

Now that we had this all this incredible support and have gained so much knowledge, I have completely managed to eliminate any outstanding fears I had about birth and I can genuinely say that we both cannot wait to experience it, put everything into practice and finally meet our baby!

We are so grateful that Laura was there to guide us in such a personable and reassuring way and would definitively recommend her services no matter what your birth plans and preferences are, you will always gain so much knowledge which will make you feel more confident about the wild and wonderful journey you’re about to go through!


Our time with Laura was so much better than what we expected. The content we covered in our time together covered everything hypnobirthing-related and much, much more!
We wholeheartedly can recommend Laura to anyone else on their journey to parenthood. The support and reassure we received has given us the much needed confidence as first-time parents.
Thank you Laura! Amazing!

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When I became pregnant, I developed an overwhelming fear of childbirth. This was in part formed by the horror stories of birth that some mothers felt compelled to tell me, despite me not asking! This got progressively worse as the pregnancy went on and I became convinced that something would go terribly wrong in the birth.

I listened to a Podcast on parenting, which I found really helpful and a number of people said how much Hypnobirthing had helped them to have a positive birth experience. I decided to give it a try, despite having quite low expectations. I was in a quite dark place when it came to thinking about birth and couldn’t see how it would be possible for someone to be able to change my                                                                                                                    mindset over four Teams sessions.

I can remember in the first session being asked to describe how I felt about birth and parenthood and I reeled off a list of negative thoughts and emotions. By the end of the first session, I went away pleasantly surprised. I found the session really informative and certain aspects really resonated with me. I spent the next week diligently doing the breathing exercises, meditations and affirmations and felt much more positive going into the next session. I felt very comfortable with Laura, and was able to open up to her about specific fears about birth, which I hadn’t even told my husband at that point! She listened with compassion and care and recommended a wide variety of things that may help reprogram my thinking about birth. 

I followed her advice precisely and I can honestly say that by the third session, I was feeling excited about the prospect of giving birth. My mindset had completely changed from viewing birth as a painful and possibly tragic event, to something that I was looking forward to. I was then able to start enjoying my pregnancy in a way that I wasn’t able to before, because I had been so consumed with the idea of birth being so horrific. 

Booking Hypnobirthing sessions with Laura was one of the best decisions I’ve made during my pregnancy. I feel sure it has benefited my baby as well, as I am now much calmer, relaxed and positive.